Designing your KPI’s for ads is crucial for recognizing underperforming ads immediately. In AdSpotting, you have the opportunity to tailor your KPIs to align perfectly with your objectives.

For instance, if your priority is to control the Cost per Action (CPA), Cost per Click (CPC), or Cost per Mile (CPM), you can set these as KPIs. It’s important to note that you can set up KPIs in an offer, and all ads connected to that offer will have those KPIs applied to them.

For example, if you have a lead campaign for solar panels running ads on Facebook, and your goal CPA is around €10 per lead, you can create a solar offer, set KPIs for Facebook ads, and connect those ads to that offer. AdSpotting now knows that the KPI for these ads is €10 per lead. So in the live dashboard, any ads that spend more than €10 per lead will immediately appear for your attention.

  • Go to an offer
  • Go to the tab “Rules”
  • Select an advertising platform
  • Choose your Metric (for example CPA)
  • Enter a value (for example € 10,-)
  • Save the setting

You can change the KPI whenever you want. All ads connected to the offer will automatically be monitored based on the current rule. This change applies retroactively as well.